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  Cave of Kastania


At the beginning of the last century, Kostas Stivaktas, in his fields in Saint Andrew

used to watch bees entering a crack in the rocks and upon leaving it they seemed to him refreshed..

His need for water drove him  to break open the fissure, and then much to his amazement, he encountered a beautifully unique and rare cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites in  unbelievable combinations of colour and shape.Brilliant miracles of nature.

 Since then, both he and his descendants, frequently used to go into the cave holding dried bush lit like a torch so they could see and get water from a small well inside.This was  done up untill 1958,when the cave became better known and was assigned protection and the attempt to develop it by the community of castania began.

 Today, the tour of the cave has been made both passable and comfortable.The visitors can admire the nooks, the ceilings and the parlous, the triumphant forms,the fantastic shapes,the miniature mountains and valleys.The silent order of nature took millions of years to create this unique underground paradise.The Cave is now ready to show us its treasures and to enchant us with its beauty.